rejoice, rejoice, and fall to your knees

i'm Z and i am a prince
twenty-two, atlanta
i draw and cosplay and sometimes do other things i guess idk

i like guro and body horror and i try to tag for it but please just let me know if i missed something and i'll do my best
death or disgrace

a thing that consistently annoys me:

if you’re at a convention and want photos of cosplayers, don’t just fucking snap random photos of them as they’re walking past or eating or talking to someone else

your photo would be a lot better if you just asked, and you wouldn’t be ridiculously creepy, either. you’re not gonna inconvenience the cosplayer by asking; they’re wearing the costume because they love it and would probably be overjoyed to pose for a photo

there is so much i could say on this subject but really just stop, just fucking ask the cosplayer okay your blurry ass creeper shots are terrible